Orgonite Rings

Orgonite personal protection - Ringa 

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Orgonite personal protection serves to protect our energy fields. Because we wear them,  they are usually in the form of pendants, rings or small personal orgonite that we carry in our pocket. Orgonite pendant, ring or little personal orgonite contains all the ingredients of a major orgonite. Its use is very practical because the pendants can be worn as amulets around the neck. The rings can be used as a beautiful fashion accessory, which has also very extra-strong protection.

Because we have them all the time, they give us all-day protection. It allows a flow of fresh energy and protects our bio-energy fields. It protects us also from negative surroundings and neutralizes stress. It improves fatigue, increases concentration and calms us down. As we feel better, it brings pure happiness, harmony, and satisfaction in our lives. In any case, personal protection orgonite changes our lives for the better.

Orgonite Rings

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