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Apatite - Orgonite Pyramid

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What is orgonite?

Organonite is the creator of life energy and acts as a transformer or generator that neutralizes all the negative radiation and bad energy and protects our biofields. An orgonite is therefore a device that breaks down electromagnetic radiation in rooms. People have built-in protection against radiation in the skin. But in recent years, radiation has increased by more than a trillion times (in the last 7 years alone) .. Therefore, our body is no longer able to protect itself from harmful radiation. At home, we can create an oasis with the appropriate orgonite, in which the body can rest, rest and of course regenerate.

What is the purpose of orgonite?

The orgonite affects on electrosmog radiation. These are all electronic devices, telephones and mobile networks. It is very good at protecting against geopathic radiation. Geopathic radiation is terrestrial radiation (water currents, Curry's, Hartmann’s network) and cosmic radiation (radiation of the moon, sun and space). We use it also for energy protection. More and more customers are complaining that people and the environment are the ones who get the most energy out of them daily. Orgonite is the best protection for our energy from stress, people and the environment. It also improves cell regeneration, protects the electromagnetic field of the individual, promotes better energy flow and removes blockages, both physical and mental.

Where do we place the orgonite?

We must protect three spaces. The first orgonite should always be in the bedroom because we can sleep there from 8 to 10 hours. Orgonite in the bedroom will allow our body to rest and regenerate. The second should be at work. In addition to electro-smog, it also protects us from the environment and the poor energy of people. The third save space should be the kitchen and living room, where we have a lot of electrosmog radiation. But we must not forget ourselves - personal protection is first priority.

The advantage of our orgonites!

Very important information - and we should all be aware of this - is from which materials are the orgonite made of. Our orgonite is properly assembled, grounded and contains all the elements: copper earthed coil, 5x clear rock crystal, several layers of metal (copper, brass, iron ...), real crystals. All our orgonites are made exclusively WITHOUT FORMALDEHYDE and polyester resin. It is very important to know that our orgonites do not harm the environment and do not contain toxic substances.

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