Hemisphere Orgonite - 180 - 240 EUR

Hemisphere Orgonite - 180 - 240 EUR

This hemisphere is very large and it measures approx. 18.3 cm (7,2 inches) wide and approx. 9.5 cm (3,74 inches) high. It can be used for open family spaces ( living room, bedroom), computer protection and business offices. The hemisphere makes the dome energy field of pure orgone energy. It works very evenly and protects up to 80m2.

Hemisphere Orgonite - 180 - 240 EUR

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  • Amethyst - Orgonite Hemisphere

    Price €240.00


    Orgonite contains crystal:


    Amethyst - the crystal of spirituality

    Amethyst very beneficial effect on the head and calms headaches and migraines. It supports and breaks down patterns that appear unconscious to us. Control blockages, both energy and physical, and eliminates them. Amethyst relaxes us and is very suitable for sleeping quarters, it brings good sleep and reduces insomnia.


    Approx size of orgonite :
    width: 18.3 cm  ( 7.2 inches)
    height: 9.5 cm ( 3.74 inches)

    Each orgonite is unique and magical. Since we do some orgonite in large numbers, they may be minor variations in the shape and size of the crystal.