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    Rose Quartz - Orgonite...

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    Orgonite contains crystal:


    Rose quartz – Crystal of love, happiness, and friendship

    It brings us love and patience. It makes us gentle and loving. It helps us accept ourselves and also others. Make us sure that there is love in the home and that we respect each other. I hear that attracted to a real partner into our lives?  It works very well on the heart chakra. Improves the functioning of the genital organs, stimulates the kidneys and bladder and regulates the enzymes in the intestine.


    Approx size of orgonite :
    width: 6 cm  ( 2.4 inches)
    height: 6 cm ( 2.4 inches)

    Each orgonite is unique and magical. Since we do some orgonite in large numbers, they may be minor variations in the shape and size of the crystal.